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Tax Changes to Employee Stock Option Schemes

Technology start ups (and their employees) look likely to receive a bonus from the Abbott government which has... Read more


Fuel Tax Going Up

Finance Minister Mathias Cormann has finalized legislation to reinstate the indexation of the fuel excise tax. From 10... Read more


ATO Webinars

For those just starting a new small business or wanting to update their knowledge, the ATO has launched... Read more


ATO launches Small Business Assist Tool

Navigating the enormous amount of advice and information available on the ATO website can be onerous.  The Small... Read more

R&D Tax Incentive Snapshot

The R&D Tax Incentive is designed to reduce the risks associated with research and development activities.  The benefit... Read more


Are you Eligible for the R&D Tax Incentive?

Do you own an Australian company that pays tax?  Does your company manage or develop new or improved... Read more


ATO Focusing on Rental Property Expenses

The ATO have advised that they are increasing their focus on rental property tax deductions. For a quick... Read more


ATO Looking at Work Related Expenses

The ATO have advised that they are using extensive data analysis to identify suspicious work-related expense claims.  This... Read more


Are You Using the Right Fuel Tax Credit?

Fuel Tax Credit rates changed at 1 July 2014 following the removal of the carbon tax. You can... Read more


ATO Warning on R&D Tax Incentive

If your business is claiming the R&D Tax Incentive then you need to keep good records of your... Read more