Make 2016 the year to start something new

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04 / Jan / 2016

New Business Ideas

If you’re looking for a really exciting new year’s resolution – how about starting something new. Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to change the world, a business owner looking for a new product or service or a new parent leaving the workforce and wanting to earn a bit of cash the secret to success is having the right idea.

We’ve scanned the business press to find what’s hot when it comes to new business ideas.

For Parents & Part Timers

20 Business Ideas for Stay-at-Home Parents: Entrepreneur Magazine gives us a great list of business ideas for stay-at-home parents without much capital.

16 Part Time Businesses You Can Start: About Money gives us a list of really flexible business ideas that suit those wanting to work part time.

For Entrepreneurs

Best New Business Ideas for 2016: gives us a list of their most inspiring ideas for anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit.

10 Authentic Online Business Ideas: Blog Entrepreneur Ideas gives us an exciting list of 10 online business ideas for entrepreneurs with a bit of tech savvy.