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Pre-Nup Agreements & Your Business

An often understated risk for small business holders is the financial fallout from a relationship breakdown.  Mel discusses... Read more


Is It Time to Lock in Your Mortgage Rate?

There are signs that the banks are going to start to increase loan rates.  So is it time... Read more


What is Your Purpose??

Call it what you like – mission…purpose – it’s important to understand the core reason why you... Read more


Triggers for a ATO Tax Audit

Mel reviews the most likely triggers that may result in a tax audit.


Accessing Super in a Tight Squeeze

If you’re having a tough time financially, you may want to access your super to help pay the... Read more


And the winners are….

The candidates for the Business Excellence Sponsorships were so outstanding that we couldn’t settle on just 2….so we’ve... Read more


Self Managed Super – Don’t Get Burned

Mel gives a lesson in why it’s not a good idea to breach the SMSF rules.  Listen carefully... Read more

Business Coach

Striving for Business Excellence? A business coach can help.

REPRINTED FROM FOCUS MAGAZINE The team at MJ Accountants knows a thing or two about business excellence. This... Read more

New Years Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions

At this time of year we start looking ahead to the New Year and swearing that we’re going... Read more


Is it time to become a company?

When a business is new it often makes sense to start out with a structure that is simple... Read more