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Business Premises: To Buy or Not to Buy

Should you buy your own business premises?  Mel takes you through the issues you need to consider in... Read more


Making 2015 Your Best Year Yet

The first quarter has just finished, but it’s not too late to ensure that 2015 is your best... Read more


How to Get Paid On Time

Getting paid on time is critical to cash flow.  Mel gives you some ideas to help you keep... Read more

Business Identity Theft

Protect Against Business Identity Theft

Business identity thieves are invisible, cunning and determined.  Failure to take precautions leaves your business wide open to... Read more

Hand in the till

Employee Fraud Protection

The most common cause of internal fraud is unconditional, misplaced trust in one employee. Whether the person handling... Read more

Tax Planning

MJ’s Tax Planning Checklist

Tax is a significant cost to your business. Yet far too often we see business owners avoiding tax... Read more


SuperStream for Small Business – Are Your Ready?

If you have been grappling with the complexity of employees with diverse superannuation arrangements, then get your business... Read more


Hiring a Contractor – the pros and cons

Hiring a contractor is very different to hiring an employee. Mel takes you through the pros and cons.


Rental Property Deductions in the ATO’s Sites!

The ATO is taking a very close interest in the expenses claimed against investment properties. Mel takes you... Read more