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payroll mistakes

Avoiding Common Payroll Mistakes

The most basic requirement for any employer is to pay their staff the right amount at the right... Read more

Pros & Cons of “Invest and Rent” Strategy

In this two part podcast, Mel looks at the pros and cons of buying an investment property and... Read more

Recurring Revenue

The Power of Recurring Revenue

WHAT The simplest definition of a recurring revenue model is subscription based pricing. Recurring revenue enables a company... Read more


Travel Expenses and the Tax Man

Work related travel expenses are a constant focus area for the ATO.  Check out Melanie’s tips for managing... Read more


3 Strategies to Boost Sales

If your sales figures are sluggish and you need a lift, check out these 3 strategies to give... Read more

paid in full

Get Paid On Time!

A very common mistake for newer business owners is failure to understand the importance of getting paid on... Read more


Budgeting for a Crowd Funding Campaign

Pebble SmartWatch raised over $10million. Indie recording artist Amanda Palmer set out to raise $100,000 to record a... Read more


Tax Consequences of Owning Shares

The ATO has expressed concern that too many shareholders don’t properly understand the tax consequences when they buy... Read more


Lending Money to Yourself

If you are planning to lend money to yourself it’s a good idea to assess “the loan” in... Read more