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How to cut your travel expenses

It’s 6:00am and you are rushing through security at the Coffs Harbour airport.  After the 6:30am Qantas flight... Read more


What Investors Want (or how to get the cash)

Last month we provided info on all the various ways to get investment funds for business growthand bright... Read more

Avoiding the January / February Squeeze

The first two months following Christmas can be difficult for many businesses as cost remain high, while customers... Read more

It’s Not Too Late to Make Some New Year’s Resolutions

It’s still early in the year, so it’s not too late to make some new year’s resolutions for... Read more

Build Your Negotiation Skills

Cash flow is critical to any small business.  Good negotiation skills can help to manage costs and cash... Read more

Avoiding Small Business Hazards

Mel goes through some of the most common small business problems and provides some good tips on how... Read more

Motivating Your Employees

We are now well into 2014, but sometimes it can be difficult to get things rolling when staff... Read more

Five Tips to Start Up a Business in 2014

StartUp Smart brings us five great tips for Start Ups. 1. Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Try not... Read more


Cost Cutting the Smart Way

When things go pear shaped and our backs are to the proverbial wall our first thought is to... Read more


Find Investor Funding without Leaving Home

With the NBN coming to town there is no reason that Coffs Harbour couldn’t become the Palo Alto... Read more