Address your customer’s objections in your copy

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08 / Apr / 2013

Flying Solo recently interviewed Bret Thompson, one of Australia’s leading copywriters.  Interestingly he argued that its not enough to rave on about the great advantages of your product or service.  To make a truly compelling story, you need to address their objections as well.<--break->

Thompson recommends that before drafting any copy, for websites, brochures or marketing emails, you put your cynical hat on and try to think of all the possible objections a potential customer might have.  Then ensure your copy addresses those objections.

He even suggests you address an objection as straight forward as “this sounds too good to be true”.  Let the customer know what’s in it for you if your offer seems to good to be believed.  Explain that you are trying to stimulate trial or get rid of excess stock…this gives the customer permission to buy.

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