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Superstream – are you ready?

Businesses with more than 20 staff have six months left to implement Superstream.  Mel tells you what it... Read more

How Can I Help?

Are you taking full advantage when someone offers to help with your business?  Mel reviews 10 things you... Read more

Strategies for Business Turn Around

In the second of a 2 part series, Mel encourages business owners not to lose hope when their... Read more

Why Businesses Fail

In the first of a two part podcast, Melanie talks about the factors that lead to business failure... Read more

Instant Write Offs – Use It Before You Lose It

There are only a couple of weeks left to take advantage of the instant write off tax laws... Read more


Key Steps to Finding a Financial Advisor

Last month the Sydney Morning Herald Money section featured a good overview of the key steps to finding... Read more


What’s In a New Year’s Resolution?

For many of you, the festive season signals a time to assess business performance for the first half... Read more


5 Resolutions for a Profitable 2014

We hope that all of our clients are planning a break in the weeks ahead – it’s important... Read more


Time for some Christmas Shopping as Depreciation Rules Change

The previous Labor Government made a couple of very generous changes to the depreciation rules to benefit small... Read more

Dealing with Troublesome Customers

Sometimes the friendliest customers can add little value to your business.  Mel reviews the five customer types that... Read more