Surviving a Visit from the Taxman

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21 / Dec / 2012


Nov ’12

SmartCompany reports that the tax office are increasingly handling audit questions with a visit to your business, rather than a phone call.  Some tips on handling the taxman’s visit:  (1) Make sure provide you with a clear scope in writing.  (2) Agree a date that fits with your plans.  Within reason, don’t rush.  (3) Review the records in advance and ensure there are no problems.  (4) Have the files and documents ready on the day.  (5) Stick to the scope of the audit – don’t make trouble for yourself by bringing up other potential issues.  (6) If there is a problem consider a voluntary disclosure.  (7) Use an advisor.  Call us whenever you are advised of a pending audit and we will be there to work you through it.<--break->

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Image compliments of Renjith Krishnanat