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12 / Jan / 2012

How to Win Clients 

In his latest book, What Do Accounting Clients Really Want?, author James Evangelidis identifies some key criteria in winning new clients that is applicable across the spectrum of financial services.

1. Be energetic: Show your client passion and enthusiasm. People like to engage with people who exude energy and show a bit of spark.

2. Ask the right questions: If you want a better answer, ask a better question. Asking why is a good start. Why do you do things a certain way in your business? Listen, engage and take notes.

3. Research and understand the client’s business: There’s no excuse not to know your client’s business in depth. Use the web and resources such as LinkedIn to find out everything about them and their business. It’s a sign of respect.

4. Go the extra mile: Give more than you receive. Start a relationship by giving them something special and beyond their expectations and keep them by making sure that you are providing through every aspect of your service – above and beyond added value. Clients want to deal with the most valuable service they can access. Make sure your clients are receiving more than they expect. And remember that what they expect is conditioned by what your competition generally provides.

Source: NewCo News 19/12/11