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Employees who work from home

You have a duty of care to all employees who work for you – regardless of where that... Read more

The Good Times

For smart people, the good times are the bad times. You would think we have been through enough... Read more

The Cash Economy

The Cash Economy The ATO are making it harder for people to get away with not reporting cash... Read more

Why is it taking so long for businesses to collect their money?

A worrying trend in credit management has developed over the last 12 months. Firstly, people are taking longer... Read more

Buying and Selling Businesses – Tips

Business Buying or Selling Tips What makes a good business? Depending on who you ask the answers may... Read more

GST Compliance

ATO hot on the button for GST compliance The ATO recently announced a crackdown on GST liabilities. What... Read more

The Banking Environment

The Current Banking Environment All the major banks are currently out there knocking on doors looking for new... Read more

Profit versus Cash

Understanding the Difference between Profit & Cash Cash viability is the acid test of your business. It’s what... Read more