Managing growth Webinar: Thursday July 22 at 2pm

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16 / Jul / 2010

Growth is great. Right? So why do companies with uncontrolled or unmanaged growth fail? This webinar answers your questions in an easy to follow, practical way, and provides tips and tools to identify, understand and manage the risks and financial requirements.
Managing growth Webinar: Thursday July 22 at 2pm
Learn how to:

  • Understand the risks of growth
  • Understand the financial impact of growth
  • Learn strategies to manage growth

Register Now<--break->Speaker: Rob Lockhart has 26 years experience in the finance industry. Prior to becoming an accredited Westpac facilitator, Rob demonstrated his commitment to SMEs through his involvement in the development of Westpac’s equity matching service for SMEs. As a CPA, Rob brings a specific insight and understanding to business operations to his clients.

James Thomson is the editor of Most recently James was a senior editor at news and commentary website Business Spectator. Prior to that, James was editor of BRW’s Rich 200, Young Rich and Executive Rich editions.