Tax Office releases industry performance benchmarks

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04 / May / 2010

The Tax Office has released performance benchmarks for certain retail and service industries. These benchmarks have been developed from income tax and business activity statements lodged for the 2007/08 income year.<--break->

Performance benchmarks have been released for:

  • ice cream retailing
  • hardware and building supplies retailing
  • fuel retailing
  • fire and security alarm installation services
  • driving schools and instructors
  • domestic appliance repair and maintenance
  • delicatessens
  • cement rendering
  • carpet, rug and furniture upholstery cleaners
  • carpentry services
  • manchester and other textile goods retailing
  • tutoring and coaching
  • watch and jewellery retailing
  • toy and game retailing
  • tobacco retailing
  • stationery goods retailing
  • pets and pet supply retailing
  • motor vehicle parts retailing
  • motor vehicle battery retailing
  • glazing services
  • garden supplies retailing
  • catering services
  • book retailing

These benchmarks can be viewed in full on the ATO website

Source: Tax Office website, 19 April 2010