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10 / Dec / 2009

Many people may not be aware that the ATO is proposing to undertake a systems upgrade.  This will involve a shut down of all the ATO systems.

Many people might not have considered what impact this may have on them or their businesses.

Some things to think about are:

  • Refunds will not generally be able to be obtained during the shut down or for some time afterwards due to system back logs;
  • Taxpayers will not be able to ring the ATO and obtain information; and
  • Although tax agents will still be able to lodge documents (such as returns, BASs, activity statements etc) none of these documents will be able to be processed.

TIP :  If you are expecting to receive a refund from the ATO in the early part of next year, lodge your returns as early as possible otherwise you might have to join the queue when the ATO comes back on line!