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PART 2 – Increasing your Number of Customers

In Part 1, I explained that when it comes to leads, rather than the more the better it is the... Read more

30 Government Grants to Grow your Small Business

<P>It’s tough to get money at the moment. The venture capital funds have shut up shop, the sharemarket... Read more

Understanding working capital requirement

In simple terms, working capital requirement is the amount of funds required by a business to meet its... Read more

Interest free payment arrangements and activity statement payment deferrals for small businesses

The Tax Office has introduced new measures to help small businesses with an annual turnover of less than... Read more

Why you shouldn’t borrow from a self-managed super fund

Many small businesses are currently doing it tough. Finance, including credit, has become more difficult to obtain, and... Read more

PART 1 – Increasing your Number of Customers

<P>Measuring your number of customers is a lot more than just leads x conversion rate. Here is the... Read more

The Biggest Mistake Made in Collecting Money

Here is the biggest mistake made in credit management today. Quite simply, it is spending too much money,... Read more