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Explaining Refund-Credit Offsets

Under the law it is mandatory for us to offset credit amounts against outstanding tax debts, except in... Read more

Positive Staffing

Stop wasting time on managing difficult and negative employees by using some of tips outlined in the below... Read more

Payroll Tax Explained.

Do you know your payroll tax rights and obligations?  Outlined in the below attachment, the key questions have... Read more

Year-end Tax Tips

As the financial year draws to a close, it is timely for individuals and small businesses to consider... Read more

Government Funded Traineeships

Employees often rate learning new skills as a key reason for staying with a business.  Helping employees achieve... Read more

Buchanan’s Philosophy

Challenges can be daunting, in both sport and business, but in his book, If Better is Possible, John... Read more

Back to the IR Future

Australia’s workplace relations system is about to undergo further extensive re-shaping that will directly affect millions of businesses... Read more

A Fleety’s Tool Box

Managing a fleet of cars goes beyond just the car itself.  This article sifts through some of the... Read more

FBT and Laptop Computers

In the 2008 Federal Budget, the Treasurer announced that the FBT exemption for certain work-related items such as... Read more

7 Ways to Boost your Profits

Here’s a little known secret about business.  It doesn’t matter what your turnover is, or how many employees... Read more