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Keep Your Receipts!! Education Tax Refund HAS Started

Parents across Australia should keep their receipts for education expenses to make the most of the benefits available... Read more

Tax-time guides on employee work-related deductions

The ATO has released publications to assist employees from various industries with working out what claims they can... Read more

The cost of money

There is so much talk about getting an investor that it’s easy to overlook other sources of funding.... Read more

Use benchmarking to check the upside

When we buy a business we not only want to know what we are getting, but we want... Read more

Business Owners… Keep your Fingers Out Of The Till!

Separating your personal finances from those of the business can have a very positive impact on your cash... Read more

New Financial Year = Opportunities to Make More Profits

The beginning of a new financial year can be the perfect time to assess the financial reporting in... Read more

How many potential buyers do you need?

Having multiple parties vying for your business is not always a given. It can pay to lay the... Read more

Company directors: Ensure your tax debt is paid

Every company director needs to make sure that tax is paid, and on time – the consequences can be... Read more

The biggest pitching pitfall

How many times have I seen this? An entrepreneur wants a hand to develop a pitch. We sit... Read more

Fuel tax credits – get money back for your business

From 1 July 2008 more businesses can claim fuel tax credits for the fuel they acquire and use... Read more