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03 / Mar / 2008

If there’s one thing that sounds less enticing than an ATO visit, it’s paying the additional accountancy fees resulting from an ATO audit. With the ATO recently deploying more auditors to visit small businesses, this means you need to consider protection from unplanned professional fees.

The cost, and time, of defending your tax position can be staggering.

There is a way you can deal with unbudgeted costs, with Vero’s Tax Probe Plus.

Tax Probe Plus covers you for professional fees incurred in an ATO audit. For more reasons to consider Vero Tax Probe Plus, please read the enclosed brochure.

Don’t wait for the ATO auditors to knock on your door. Complete the enclosed quotation questionnaire and return it to MJ Accountants & Business Advice for an obligation free quote on obtaining Tax Probe Plus. Alternatively, call Melanie Jenkins today to discuss how you can protect your business from unplanned extra costs.

Tax Probe Brochure