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TIME MANAGEMENT TIPS: How to have a filing system that works

Imagine investing hundreds of dollars for a records management organisation to set up a filing system for your... Read more

Which type of adviser do you need?

Good advice: Saves time and should save money. Takes the stress out of life and business. Gives a... Read more

Valuing your Business for Sale

When it comes time to sell your business, it’s helpful to understand what the buyer is looking for... Read more

Do you have fear of presentations?

One of the greatest challenges when making a presentation to a group is overcoming anxiety; dealing with fear.... Read more

Quick Tip – How to use graphics and logos in customised forms

Did you know you can add graphics, or your company logo, to your MYOB customised forms? WHAT IMAGE... Read more

Set Performance Standards

To be able to do your job well everyone needs to know clearly what is expected of you.... Read more

The Right Stuff: 7 Qualities of Top Sales Professionals

Throughout history, the best thinkers have asked the question, “Why are some people more successful than others?” This... Read more

Top 10 Tips to “CLICK” Quick – Networking

The goal of all networking is to CLICK: to create the win-win. For those in business, “time is... Read more

Closing/Selling your business – Checklist

Closing/Selling your business – Checklist for when you close/sell your business.  Click on the link from the Australian... Read more

Personal goal setting

I am always excited by personal goals – discussing them, planning them, striving towards them and most of... Read more