Is Your Organisation “Caller Friendly”?

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08 / May / 2007

When selecting computer programs, consumers look for the most user-friendly and fastest-working version. The same value search occurs when prospective customers or current customers call your organisation.

Your organisation’s mannerisms when answering incoming calls tell the callers how valued they are by you. Show your callers that your organization is “caller-friendly” and efficient by having all your employees answer the phone in this manner:

  • Pick up the call between the second and third ring.
  • Start with a friendly greeting with a cheery tone of voice.
  • State your name so the customer feels more comfortable with you.
  • Offer to assist in any manner with a general question like “How can we help you today?”
  • Take the time to retransfer or to take messages on calls erroneously sent to you.
  • Follow up on any offers of service or assistance you make during the conversation.
  • Express genuine appreciation for the person calling you.

Source: Leading Edge LMA Newsletter April 2006