Does Your Company Manage Customer Relationships Well?

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28 / May / 2007

How does your enterprise stack up with the development of customer relationship management?

Take our quiz and answer Yes or No.

  1. We systematically examine each new customer contribution and potential value to the business.
  2. We regularly conduct both internal and external customer and consumer satisfaction audits.
  3. Our customer relationship database records both our transactions and the profitability of the offer.
  4. We build relationships with customers’ customers to ensure that we understand the end users.
  5. Customer expectations, perceptions and experiences with our competitors help improve our performance.
  6. We manage the marketing mix to improve brand equity and make it easy for customers to do repeat business.
  7. We track and trace technologies are used to make sure that promises are kept and schedules maintained.
  8. Our customer relationship management system makes certain that privacy and confidentiality are secured.
  9. We make sure that every team member understands their role and contribution in the value chain.
  10. Every effort is made to anticipate and action changes required to gain recognition as an industry leader.

Did you answer Yes 10 times?

Source: Smart Company Newsletter 23 April 2007