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23 / May / 2007

The Card File Command Centre allows you to add, change, delete and view information about individual customers, suppliers, employees and personal contacts.

To access the Cards List:

  1. Go to the Card File Command Centre
  2. Choose Cards List

To create a new card:

  1. Click the New button
  2. Select the Card Type (e.g. Customer, Supplier, Employee, Personal)
  3. Select the Designation (e.g. Company or Individual)
  4. Enter all appropriate details, including multiple addresses (if required) and e-mail address
  5. Click the Card Details and Selling Details tabs to enter customer-specific sales details, credit terms, credit limit, ABN, Tax Code details, etc
  6. Click the Payment Details tab to enter Payment Method details (e.g. credit cards, cheque, etc)

For further assistance: Contact Melanie Jenkins
Download this MYOB Help Sheet with accompanying images to assist you with each step below…