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Where to Begin? How to start your business

Lasting success comes from a series of well-planned steps, not a flash of inspiration. Many people dream of... Read more


A Business Guide To DOCUMENT RETENTION An unavoidable by-product of business today is an accumulating volume of documents... Read more

The SME Tax Deduction Guide

For SMEs, the 30 June deadline and tax time can turn into a complicated task. Getting all the... Read more

The Tax Office Knows More Than You Think

These days, the tax office is one of the largest, if not the largest, collector of financial information... Read more

Succession Planning for SME’s Doesn’t have to be a Sad Tax Story

Much is being, and has been, written about the need for businesses, especially small and family businesses, to... Read more

Does Your Company Manage Customer Relationships Well?

How does your enterprise stack up with the development of customer relationship management? Take our quiz and answer... Read more

What’s Your Business Worth?

Excluding liquidation or break up value, there are only two fundamentally different models for establishing a value for... Read more


There are three ways to bring your networking into laser-sharp focus in order to make it a powerful... Read more

DIY Super

The Trustees of some self-managed superannuation funds display a blatant disregard for member’s retirement savings and for superannuation... Read more

Looks and Smells Like an Employee – but still a Contractor?

The ATO has the “Personal Services Income” legislation (PSI). Basically, if you are an employee then you pay... Read more